Implement new ways of working ...

... Overcome old ways of thinking


Having an effective and motivated workforce is of uttermost importance for any organization.


Introducing flexible work schemes means facing the challenge of getting people to adapt.


I offer solutions at organizational, leader/manager and individual levels to integrate NWOW successfully and entirely.


Gaining middle management buy-in

The shift to a new way of working can be met with a certain amount of resistance and criticism by middle managers. My goal as a professional coach and facilitator is to support organizations, and in particular CRE teams, in addressing the most common barriers on middle management's side to this shift, whilst achieving the following outcomes :

- gaining middle management buy-in

- enrolling middle managers as key change agents in the process

- diffusing a new or improved management style in the organization

- influencing bottom line results


Targetted change management support

- assess and identify needs and preferences

- create a vision statement

- independant employee surveys and interviews / data collection

- internal communication to create momentum and adhesion

- set up and coach the NWOW test(imonial) team 

- overcome managerial fears


Implement a leadership development program

- NWOW implementation workshops

- diffuse an adaptive leadership style

- improve communication and trust as a prerequisite for remote work

- introduce coaching skills to foster communication and performance

- reinforce what has been learned through 1:1 coaching

- adress employee's issues/increase committment/reduce turnover