An innovative tool for investors

As a landlord, you are extremely sensitive to what drives tenants today and are always looking for new ways to improve your marketing and/or tenant retention efforts.


As the market evolves and gets even more competitive, a pure real estate approach may not be sufficient any more. Other building owners offer countless services to tenants and their employees and you are constantly looking out for new tools to support your leasing and asset management staff on the one hand, and to show your investors you are on top of your game on the other hand.


Well, offering New Ways of Working Coaching to your (potential) tenants may very well be one of those very useful tools.


I will team up with your asset managers and brokers to create a full business case and service line for your tenant which also includes the HR aspects of the equation, including:

  • expertise and research on implementing new ways of working;
  • change management techniques;
  • staff trainings and briefings;
  • leadership and organizational coaching.

My unique international, multi-lingual, real estate, legal and HR background is what can make the balance tip in your favour. 


Contact me to foster a true 360° approach to real estate !